Trousers Flex

Trousers Flex

Flex PVC overalls are a part of the PVC rainwear in our Flex series. Flex overalls are produced in a light fabric that is still durable. There is stretch is the lining to make the overalls easier to put on over your work trousers if rain suddenly appears. Flex is often used by you working outdoors all day and want to keep dry.

Color: Green
Fabric: 67% PVC / 33% PES, 360g/m2
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Product description

The Flex series is developed as a clear connection to our long history with rainwear of high quality. One of the important products is the overall, that keeps you dry all day while working. You can adjust the suspenders and the waist for better comfort. All the seams are welded, making them waterproof. The overall is spacious to ensure a good fitting.

Product information

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