Here you can see a selection of the companies, that use our workwear. We are proud of all our partnerships. Together we create the best conditions for all the people that every day makes an effort to deliver a good job – whether it is transport of containers, fire prevention, packing of aircrafts or servicing wind turbines. It requires the right workwear to be able to perform. See more about our collaborators by clicking on their logo.
In 2014 we won the tender to Beredskabsstyrelsen and since then they have been a valued partner. The clothes with the familiar triangle and the Danish flag are today delivered from our factory in Vietnam.
In 2016 we produced and delivered workwear to the German postal service. Deutsche Post is a customer we are proud of as their demand for quality is uncompromising.
We started developing workwear for Heathrow airport in 2016. This is based on existing models from our collaboration with Billund Airport as well as other standard models in our collection.
Our development of workwear especially for airports took it’s first steps together with Billund Airport, which has tested and let us to the optimal workwear. We now deliver everything in Hi-Vis workwear to the international airport in Western Denmark.
STIHL has a wide range of safety clothing both with and without cutprotection for the forest industry. We have had an exciting collaboration with STIHL since 2012, which is characterized by new development and quality.
It’s important to have the right clothes – especially when you need it in any weather. This is what the danish Hus Forbi sellers needs. We are happy to provide the clothes that can be used in any weather.
Our expertise in workwear for the port industry has roots back to 1995. Eurogate has been a part of it since the beginning, where we cooperatively developed clothes for their employees.
The development of workwear for HHLA employees started back in 1995. Our collaboration has since been characterized by tradition and our well-known quality.
We have since 2011 produced workwear for the main railway station in Hamburg. The uniforms are recognizable and designed to withstand the weather inside and outside the major lanes’ halls.
Bardusch is a 140 years old laundry service and is today one of the leading suppliers of clothing. Our products has since 2006 been Bardusch’s preferred choice for customers who require special solutions and high quality.
Dansk Sprinkler Teknik has since 2016 been a valuable collaborator in testing and developing workwear for installation workers.
At the beginning of 2017 we won the tender to AWI. Polar clothing should be able to withstand the extreme weather conditions encountered by scientists on their expeditions to the North and South Pole. We are excited to see where this new collaboration can bring us.
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