We help organisations with specific needs for corporate clothing to keep employees warm, dry, safe and comfortable.

Workwear for your company

We develop, produce and deliver safety, comfort and quality in the form of workwear. The majority of our products are custom-made for companies with specific needs and requirements.

That means that we put ourselves in the position of your company and we always give you our opinion about what you need. We develop your products with the best raw materials and from our own assortment and your own ideas. That means you get durable workwear with the best fitting and the right functions. 

Are you searching for the ultimate flexibility?

If you wish to optimize the flexibility in your workwear, then there’s a couple of good solutions. An old favourite, the ‘3-in-1’ jacket, has now gotten a new dimension. Not only can the thermo lining be used as a separate jacket, but in times of extra visible safety clothing, the jacket can be turned inside out and you get a jacket that is EN 20471 class 2 certified. The ‘3-in-1’ jacket then becomes a ‘4-in-1’ jacket. The shown jackets can be bought separately.

Social responsibility

Our employees work under good conditions and are guaranteed food, care and unity.

Our History

We’ve worked with workwear for over 80 years. It’s due to our tradition that we make the best workwear

Unique Quality

We assure quality through our quality checks. This means you get the highest quality in our products.


It all began in 1935, when two brothers from Asnæs left their father who worked as a Commis. The brothers saw their chance to create something new and change the world. It was through the new rubberized textile, as rain wear back in the day wasn’t strong enough for the rough life at the sea. This was the start of the production of workwear for the fishing industry based on the brothers experiences. Today, more that 80 years later, their tradition of quality is still embedded in our products. Our workwear makes it possible for you to do your work – whether it is in construction, transporting or fishing.

What our customers say

Here you can read what companies that use our workwear, are saying.

After switching to Viking Rubber Co. we haven't experienced any of our work trousers ripping in the crotch.

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