Apron Flex

Apron Flex

Our Flex PVC apron is a simple but strong waterproof apron developed for you who work in a dirty environment surrounded by water. You can use the apron to protect your work clothes or your ordinary clothes, instead of wearing a pair of Flex overalls and a rain jacket, you can protect most of your body with the apron. You can customize the apron with the harnesses.
The apron is 115cm. long and 100cm. wide so it’s big enough to protect you from dirt and water.

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Color: Green
Fabric: 67% PVC / 33% PES, 360g/m2
Size: One size
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Product description

Flex is a series we have made of waterproof PVC products. Here you will find, for example, our 115cm. long apron that protects you from dirt and water on most of the body. The apron can be adjusted with the belts to fit comfortably.

Product information

Workwear for the industry

Workwear with high comfort and safety

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