Work trousers EVOSAFE


Work trousers EVOSAFE


EVOSAFE work trouser is developed for the one who wants optimum safety in traffic and good comfort while working. We’ve equipped the trouser with Cordura® reinforcement on the knees and other places where the trouser usually is less durable. This increases the longevity of the trouser which means the environment is damaged less as you won’t have to buy new trousers often.

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Size: 42+ – 64+, 24 – 28 (Size chart A)
Fabric: 75% PES / 25% CO, 260g/m2
Reflex: 3M, 5510, 70MM
EN Standard: EN ISO 20471 2



Durable, strong hivis-work trouser for the entrepreneur with a demand for visibility. Good comfort with high safety with the help of visible reflexes.


  • Front pockets with D-ring
  • Thigh pockets
  • Cell phone pocket
  • Back pockets
  • Reinforced ruler pocket
  • Hidden buttons and zippers
  • Wide belt loops for tools
  • Hammer strap
  • Shaped legs
  • Adjustable leg length
  • Cordura® reinforcement at the bottom of the leg
  • Adjustable knee pockets in Cordura®
  • 3M® Reflex

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