Thermal Trousers

Thermal Trousers

Thermal trousers are a permanent part in our winter bib trousers, get information on the product here. But if you need thermal trousers under your rain trousers then you can sigh in relief. We have made a comfortable thermal pant that keeps you warm when it is really cold outside. The stretch in the side and the bottom of the trousers keep the cold air out and you keep warm. The trouser pairs with the thermal jacket..

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Fabric: 100% PES rip-stop, 70g/m2 / 100% PES-vat, 100g/m2
Size: S – 2XL (Chart size B)
Color: Black
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Product description

We have developed our thermaltrouser for you who need to keep warm no matter how cold it is. You can adjust the trouser in the waist so you ensure that no cold air can get in the trouser. There is also elastic in the legs. The fill of the trouser is 100% polyester with 100g/m2, which means that is enough air between the cotton. It is the air that isolates the body so you dont freeze.

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