F441 Work trousers EVOBASE


F441 Work trousers EVOBASE


For you that works in the industry we’ve developed EVOBASE. The whole series is based on simple workwear for companies that wish to differentiate from others. On of the things we have been thorough with is the fitting. A pair of trousers are never better than the fitting. Get information on the product here. 

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Fabric: F441, 65% Polyester / 35% Cotton, 250g / m2
Reflex: Orafol, GP 092, Silver
Size: 42+ – 64+, 24 – 28 (Chart size A)


Product description

Product information

Get extra length on your work trouser

Step 1

Locate the seam that is marked with yellow on the illustration

Step 2

Roll up the bottom of the leg until you see the inside of the marked seam

Step 3

Slit your knife under the seam that does not go all the way and cut.

Step 4

Now you have achieved extra length.

Customized workwear

Costumized workwear for you and your company

Additional Information

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