Bib Trousers Budget


Bib Trousers Budget


Budget PVC overalls are designed for fishermen and those working outside in rainy weather, you can download product information here. For example, Much of our Budget PVC rainwear is used by farmers and the Christmas tree industry because the wear resistance is really good and the waterproofness is extreme, while the weight is actually excellent. You can see the Budget PVC rain jacket here .

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Fabric: 80% PVC / 20% PES, 520g/m2
Size: S-3XL ( Chart size B)


Product description

Our Overall Budget, is an overall with a wide application and a wear resistance that is above average. It is made of a flexible material with a weight in the middle class, which together gives a product with a very good comfort. The overall can advantageously be used for both agriculture and forestry as well as for fishing and contractors.

Product information

Workwear for the industry

Workwear with high comfort and safety

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