Waders Sport with safety…

Waders Sport with safety boots

With our safety boots you get the well known solid PVC waders with safety boots. It is developed for you who works in urban areas and or with housing with water. If there is a risk of items falling in the water or near you you should equip yourself better with the safety boots compared to regular waders.  The boot has a solid bottom, which is familiar in our other waders. A profile sole ensures you a good footing and better movement while you work. Get information the product here.  



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Fabric: PVC / PES, 700g/m2
Color: Green
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As a standard in our waders you get a spacious waders with FIXLOCK- suspenders. This waders have a pocket on the chest, for the things that are good to have by the hand while working. The fabric is 700g/m2.Waders with safety boots keep you dry and safe under water while working.


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