Work trousers EVO35


Work trousers EVO35


Work trousers with a good fit is really important in your daily life. If they are too tight in the wrong places or they rip in the crotch because of a bad fit, then you have unfortunately chosen wrong. With EVO35 you get a good fit and functionality after your own need.  The fit is developed with some of Europe’s leading airports . Get information on the product her

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Fabric: 65% PES / 35% CO, 310g/m2 (Note: brown/black trouser - 60% Bomuld / 40% Polyester, 295 g/m2)
Reflex: 3M, 5510
Size: 40+ – 64+, 24 – 30 (Chart size A)


Product description

EVO35 work trousers is developed for you who don’t want to compromise on quality when it comes to work clothing. The trousers have removable hanging pockets. There is stretch in the popliteal and the crotch so your work trousers keep longer.

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