Pilot jacket Superior 3 in 1


Pilot jacket Superior 3 in 1


Superior pilot jacket is designed for those who need the optimum protection against weather and wind. If your company does not need fluorescent workwear and still wants to work outside in all kinds of weather, Superior is the right way to go. The pilot jacket has a removable inner jacket, collar and hood. There is ventilation under the sleeves with waterproof zip and so it has pockets both inside and outside. Get information on the product here.

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Fabric: F120, 80% PES / 20% PU, 210g/m2
Lining: 100 % PES, 55g/m2 / 100% PES-mesh, 60g/m2
Detachable lining : 100 % PES rib-stop, 70g/m2 / 100% PES-vat, 100g/m2 / 100% PES, 55g/m2
Size: XS-3XL (Chart size B)
Waterproofness: 8000mm
Breathability: 4000g/m2


Product description

Superior is our best-selling collection ever. The products stand out by providing maximum protection against the weather – especially in the really cold times. This is possible because the jacket is made from some of the best materials. The fabric product F120 helps keep you dry as it is both waterproof and breathable. At the same time, the fabric is very durable! You can remove collar, inner jacket and hood as needed.

Product information

EN 343

The regulation that helps you to identify the work clothes that are waterproof and breathable


Breathable, waterproof, windproof and strong fabric, for your best work clothes when working outside.

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