Bib trousers Multi Hazard…

Bib trousers Multi Hazard Textile

Multi Hazard textile is our Answer to clothing for welders. It is wash real welding clothes, but not in 100% cotton like the one used in the old days. Multi Hazard Textile is welding clothing made from a 65% cotton fabric, 34% Polyester and 1% antistatic. The fabric weighs 350 grams and ensures that the holes in the clothing do not widen every time you wash it. In other words, we have developed a set of welding clothes that must be able to cope with the conditions and the scratches to which it is exposed.


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Product description

Overalls for those who need a practical and strong overall with extra long life to weld in. The overall has two rear pockets two side pockets inch pocket and adjustable pocket for knee pads. Ergonomically optimized with bent knees. The garment is fitted with a reflector on the leg for extra safety, they are flame retardant, anti-static, live up to the welding norm and have light arc protection.


Product information


  • Adjustable knee pockets
  • Front pockets
  • Back pockets
  • Chest pocket with penholder
  • Ruler pocket
  •  Thigh pocket


  • Fix-Lock® suspenders
  • 3M® Reflex


Here can you find our Her kan du finde vores Declaration of Conformity for Multi Hazard textile

Get extra length on your work trouser

Step 1

Locate the seam that is marked with yellow on the illustration

Step 2

Roll up the bottom of the leg until you see the inside of the marked seam

Step 3

Slit your knife under the seam that does not go all the way and cut.

Step 4

Now you have achieved extra length.

Welding and comfort

This is how you get the best of both worlds

In the old days, welding clothes were made of 100% cotton. Not so anymore. Every effort has been made to find the perfect blend of comfort and safety in welding clothes. Now it’s here and it’s called Multi Hazard textile. The fabric has the best of both worlds and is made for welding. You can become smarter about the future of welding, right here .

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