Bib trouser EVO35


Bib trouser EVO35


A work trouser for the one who can’t go without the bib and the braces. Just like the rest of the EVO35 collection, has the EVO35 bib trouser stretch and ventilation in the most exposed areas. The longevity is increased because the most exposed areas are reinforced with Cordura®. The bib trouser has good comfort by having shaped knees. The bib trouser is easy to take off and on, because of the elastic stretch on the side.  Get information on the product here

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Size: 42+ – 64+, 24-28 (Chart size A)
Fabric: 65% Polyester/ 35% Cotton, 310g/m2 (Note : brown/black trouser - 60% cotton / 40% Polyester, 295 g/m2)
Reflex: 3M, 5510


Product description

The EVO35 bib trouser is developed for the one who won’t compromise on quality when it comes to your workwear.  The bib trouser has two detachable hanging pockets. There is stretch in the popliteal and the crotch so the trousers keep longer. The fabric is named F478 and is durable. In addition we’ve added reinforcements in all the places that are normally less durable. This increases the longevity of the trouser.

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