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Viking Rubber Company A/S would not exist without our amazing team. This page is a tribute to the Vikings and their quest to challenge the market for workwear on quality, comfort and safety.

You can also follow the social media where we put pictures of what we’re doing. Sometimes we also try to inspire our followers. Follow us here:

You can meet the Vikings here. We work with our customers to develop workwear for future use, and it is us you will get in touch with if you either call or write. If you would like to know more about us, feel free to contact us. You can also follow the social media where we put pictures of what we’re doing. Sometimes we also try to inspire our followers. Follow us here:




Kurt Mikael Andersen​

Chairman of the Board

Kurt is co owner. He is also the CEO in Germany, and Chairman of the board. Beside from being important in terms of writing the Viking Rubber Co. History, he was the person who started the export to our biggest market: Germany.


Alexander Mygind Andersen​


Alexander is our CEO at Viking Rubber Co. in Denmark, and 3rd generation in our company. He is full of ideas and loves to try new things. Alexander is always ready for new adventures and opportunities for Viking Rubber Co.



Per Eg Larsen

Workwear Specialist Europe

Per is our Workwear and fabrics Expert, beside from that, he is an extremely nice guy. Per is helpful and easy going, many of our customers likes his approach because he believes in our products and understands the market.


Robert Endres​

Workwear Specialist Germany and Austria

Robert has worked with workwear for more than 10 years. Our south German customers like his approach and professionalism. Robert do always come up with some interesting inputs to conversations regarding workwear


Steffen Kraszon​

Sales Backup Germany​

Steffen has been a Viking for many years, before he became a Viking he worked with our products at a customer. He knows our customers very well and sit in our German office in Hamburg. Steffen


Beke Kraszon​

Sales Backup Germany​

Beke is a new Viking member at our office in Hamburg. She is taking orders and has a deep wish to do as good to our customers as much as possible. Beke is very curious and are used to have a lot on her plate at the office in Hamburg.


Lene Andersen​​

Sales Backup​

Lene is taking care of our customers at the head office in Denmark. This means all customers outside of Germany. She handles orders and makes sure you get the right information. Lene is great with both Customers and colleagues

Technical Department and Production


Nancy Hansen

Workwear Designer

Nancy is our newest adventures Viking on the technical team. With the rest of the team she makes sure we can develop, manufacture and deliver workwear to a number of customers with needs of customized workwear.


Dorte Jensen​

Production Technician​

Dorte is the expert when it comes to fitting and construction. She is not doing things 100% but 130%. If a project is started Dorte will not go on compromise with the quality, which is of great value to our customers when we customize workwear.


Mona Jørgensen​

Quality Controller​

Mona is keeping us all happy everyday at our workplace, She has a great sense of detail and quality. She is looking through all productions as our internal quality control making sure your workwear is of highest quality.

Karsten Stage

Karsten Stage

Planning and Sourcing Manager

Karsten is our Planning and Sourcing Manager and is working with project management. He has great experience within the textile industry and is responsible for process optimization, tenders, and certifications.

Administration and warehouse


Christian Eriksen​​

Warehouse & Logistics​

Christian is responsible for our warehouse in Denmark. He makes sure your workwear is received on time. He is also responsible for receiving all gods from our suppliers and all the process from receiving till you have the goods.


Sten Pedersen​​

Facility Manager​

Sten is our handyman, he solves all kinds of technical issues at our headquarter. He is also doing our internal test of workwear for craftsmen in because he has the needs during his day. He also helps receiving goods on the stock.


Andreas​ Pedersen

Warehouse Man

Andreas helps on the stock and makes sure your workwear is arriving on time. Among other things he helps preperaing for quality control. Andreas is also taking care of all our big orders on the stock.


Billede Michael Horn Kopie

Michael Horn

Financial Manager

Michael is financial manager at our headquarter. Just as he ought to be, he is really good with numbers, and beside that he is a really nice colleague. His focus on effectivity and improvements is of great help to all of us.

Business Development

Birk Schmid-Bonde

Birk Schmid-Bonde

Business Development Associate

Birk is our student worker. His main focus is growth potentials. For example, he is responsible for our sustainability agenda. He is also an important connection between our Danish and German department.

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